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Tucson Debt Solutions Attorneys Can Guide You to Financial Freedom

The Law Office of Barry W. Rorex understands how people who are usually cautious about their finances can get themselves into trouble in today’s economy. Many people in Pima County acquire a credit card and pay their monthly bill on time until a minor slip leads to them getting behind, and, because of the high interest and fees common on many credit cards, the balance can quickly get out of hand. Others used a home equity line of credit during more prosperous times and have seen their house value drop to the point where it is worth less than they paid for it. Eventually, tough choices need to be made between paying the credit card’s monthly minimum, the car loan, a student loan or the mortgage payment. All of a sudden, what was once a workable budget is no longer sufficient, and you may feel helpless and hopeless in the face of mounting debt. There is nothing to be ashamed of and there are solutions. Barry W. Rorex is an experienced Tucson debt settlement attorney who can guide you through a multitude of options for curing your financial problems and put you back on your feet with strategies that will preserve your newfound freedom from debt.

Debt Settlement Lawyers in Tucson Helping People Find Answers

Many people feel shame or embarrassment about their credit card or debt issues and would rather try to deal with them alone. This is a mistake. It can result in more stress and more cost to you than necessary. Our debt settlement lawyer does not judge you or how you got into debt. Our only concern is working with you on a personal level to get you out of debt, whether you are facing debt collection letters and phone calls, lawsuits, court judgments, or wage garnishment.

The Law Office of Barry W. Rorex can explore all possible ways to find debt solutions for you. Personal bankruptcy may not be necessary, and a debt settlement attorney can give you leverage to renegotiate your debts with a creditor. We can also pursue litigation and dispute the debt’s amount or validity in a court of law, particularly in the case of identity theft. Our affordable and effective legal service can also allow you to fight banks and corporations that buy up debt from regular citizens of Arizona.

When it comes to finding a solution to your debt worries, the first step can simply be contacting a seasoned Tucson bankruptcy attorney. The faster you recognize the problem, the faster you can get solutions. Do not wait for a judgment to be entered against you before you to seek help.

Find the debt solution that is right for you. Call Tucson attorney Barry Rorex for a free consultation.

For more information about our debt settlement services, contact The Law Office of Barry W. Rorex at 520.495.7596 for a free initial consultation. Our office is located in the heart of downtown Tucson with plenty of available parking and provides service for Spanish and Korean speakers upon request.

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