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Save Your Home with Help from an Experienced Tucson Foreclosure Attorney

The burst of the housing bubble has hit Arizona harder than most states in America. Banks and lenders have lured first-time homeowners, families, and the elderly alike into buying houses they could not afford through irresponsible business practices and even fraud. Many people now face foreclosure due to oppressive interest rates and missed monthly payments. You might be worried about losing your home and not know what you can do to prevent it.

It does not have to happen. The Law Office of Barry W. Rorex is dedicated to providing the people of Tucson and Pima County a foreclosure attorney who will fight against the biggest banks and creditors to save their house and pursue justice. Reaching out to a foreclosure attorney can be the first step towards saving your Tucson home, even if foreclosure is already in progress. Our firm offers personalized and cost-effective legal services that can keep you and your loved ones in their house.

Foreclosure Defense Lawyers in Tucson Provide Solutions

Many people start worrying about the possibility of foreclosure after missing several mortgage payments or being late on them. There are steps you can take prior to receiving a Notice of Trustee’s Sale. Chapter 13 bankruptcy is a typical means of preventing foreclosure, as it allows you to reorganize your debts and puts an automatic stop to creditor harassment and repossession. It may also be possible to stop a foreclosure in court on grounds of wrongful foreclosure or fraud. As an experienced foreclosure defense attorney, Barry Rorex can help identify the best strategies for preventing foreclosure in your particular situation.

The Tucson attorneys at the Law Office of Barry W. Rorex are dedicated to providing the people of Tucson the most options when faced with legal difficulties, even in instances where personal bankruptcy is either unavailable or not the optimum choice. The federal government has created many programs in the interest of protecting homeowners from predatory lenders and other dishonest business practices. For instance, the Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act (RESPA) requires borrowers to receive disclosures regarding settlement services, and the Truth In Lending Act (TILA) gives consumers a right to cancel certain credit transactions involving liens. More recently, as a response to the subprime mortgage crisis, the government has instituted procedures that encourage lenders to modify their loans with homeowners.

Whether filing for personal bankruptcy or availing yourself of the many government programs intended to help homeowners in crisis, you should not face the banks or other lenders alone. A Tucson foreclosure lawyer can guide you through all possible defenses while keeping you informed of your rights and providing professional assistance in any renegotiation or loan modification.

Timing is critical if you are seeking to prevent or stop foreclosure of your home. The faster you contact The Law Office of Barry W. Rorex, the faster you can have a seasoned foreclosure defense attorney working tirelessly and effectively to save your house.

Don’t wait until it’s too late. Call attorney Barry Rorex for foreclosure defense in Tucson.

If you have fallen behind on your mortgage payments, are concerned about the possibility of foreclosure, or you have received a Notice of Trustee’s Sale, do not hesitate to contact the Law Office of Barry W. Rorex at 520.495.7596 for a free initial consultation. We are available to meet outside of regular business hours by appointment, and our office is conveniently located in the heart of downtown Tucson.

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