Strategic Foreclosures/Walking Away

Sometimes Walking Away is the Right Thing to Do
Walking away is also called Strategic Foreclosure. If you are seriously upside down, meaning that
you owe a lot more than the house is worth, sometimes walking away is the first step on the path to financial independence and freedom. Many times consumers feel bound by a sense of
obligation, but too often, the lenders and banking industry don't share those values.

Our job is to help consumers make the right financial decisions for themselves and their families.

The Process
Walking away begins when you stop paying a loan that no longer makes sense for you to pay.
  • If you have hired us, you direct the lenders to contact us instead of you. They will often keep calling you until they are sure there's no way they can get more money from you.
  • You move out after finding more affordable housing.
  • Eventually, the lender will foreclose and take back the property.
  • You move on but keep in touch with us, especially when you get tax information in the mail.

Is a walk-away the right move for you?
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